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Newsletters 2019
2019-2020 Revised Breakfast & Lunch Schedule
Breakfast is served from 7:30-7:55 a.m.
Cost is $1.50

Recess Schedule
Kinder- 10:45-11:00
1st- 11:00-11:15
3rd- 11:20-11:35
4th- 11:40-11:55
2nd- 12:00-12:15
5th- 12:20-12:35

Lunch Schedule
1st- 11:15-11:40
3rd- 11:35-12:00
4th- 11:55-12:20
2nd- 12:15-12:40
5th- 12:35-1:00
Cost is $3.00
Sandrock Elementary Vision & Mission Statements
Sandrock Elementary Vision & Mission Statements
Vision and Mission statements. Many schools, companies, and organizations have them. Have you ever wondered what they are? Here is a simple definition of both vision and mission statements.

A vision statement defines the optimal desired future state, the mental picture, of what an organization wants to achieve over time.

A mission statement is a written declaration of an organization's core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time. It serves as a filter to separate what is important and what is not.

An organization should be able to define where it is going (vision) and it's reason for existing (mission). For many people, those answers for a school should seem obvious as we are in the business of educating students. By having vision and mission statements, our staff is able to make clear decisions about the "big picture" of educating students because we have a shared understanding of our school priorities. All of our work is driven by our vision and mission. If we cannot connect it back to these statements, we do not incorporate it into our work with students at Sandrock Elementary.

"You've got to think about doing big things while you are doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction." ~ Alvin Toffler