Sandrock Elementary School

Tardy Bell - 8:10 am

Dismissal - 3:56 pm

Boo Grams!
What's Happening

October 23rd through 27th: Book Fair in the Sandrock Library - Here's the link for our Online Book Fair:

October 26th: Parent/Teacher Conferences from 4-7pm

October 27th: Parent/Teacher Conferences from 8am-2pm

November 9th: Veteran't Day Concert

November 9th: WATCHDOG Dads Kick-off/Pizza Dinner

Kindergarten Connection Day/ First Day for Kinders
jardín de infancia

Teachers will be reaching out to each family to make an appointment for the Family Connection Days.

Our First Kinder Connection Day is Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

On the 16th, please plan to attend with your child for a small chunk of time to visit with the teacher and learn a little more about the days to come.

On Thursday, August 17th, Kindergarteners will attend for a half day and will need to be picked up after lunch. Your teacher will share a little more about this with you soon.

Los maestros se comunicarán con cada familia para hacer una cita para los Días de conexión familiar.

Nuestro primer día de conexión con Kinder es el miércoles 16 de agosto de 2023.

El día 16, planee asistir con su hijo por un pequeño período de tiempo para visitar al maestro y aprender un poco más sobre los días venideros.

El jueves 17 de agosto, los niños de kindergarten asistirán medio día y deberán ser recogidos después del almuerzo. Tu maestro compartirá un poco más sobre esto contigo pronto.

Sandrock Elementary Vision & Mission Statements
Vision & Mission

An organization should be able to define where it is going (vision) and it's reason for existing (mission). For many people, those answers for a school should seem obvious as we are in the business of educating students. By having vision and mission statements, our staff is able to make clear decisions about the "big picture" of educating students because we have a shared understanding of our school priorities. All of our work is driven by our vision and mission. If we cannot connect it back to these statements, we do not incorporate it into our work with students at Sandrock Elementary.