Sandrock Elementary School

Tardy Bell - 8:10 am

Dismissal - 3:56 pm

What's Happening

Robotics Competition: 2/24 @ CMS 8am-4pm

Dr. Seuss dress up days: February 26th - 29th

1st Grade Music Concert: Barnyard Moosical - 6-7pm

Parent/Teacher Conference Days in March: We are pleased to be holding our next round of Parent/Teacher Conferences on March 28th and 29th.

Teachers will be reaching out during the first part of March with more information and to get those scheduled with you.

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Please be sure to look for fundraising information that was sent home with your student(s).

50% of proceeds purchased from Popcornopololis goes straight to Sandrock!

Sandrock Elementary Vision & Mission Statements
Vision & Mission

An organization should be able to define where it is going (vision) and it's reason for existing (mission). For many people, those answers for a school should seem obvious as we are in the business of educating students. By having vision and mission statements, our staff is able to make clear decisions about the "big picture" of educating students because we have a shared understanding of our school priorities. All of our work is driven by our vision and mission. If we cannot connect it back to these statements, we do not incorporate it into our work with students at Sandrock Elementary.